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New Website on Classical Pianists:

Discussion in 'Useful resources' started by jlr43, Apr 29, 2023.

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    Hello all,

    To introduce myself, I used to be a regular contributing pianist on this site a while back. While I still make recordings sometimes for YouTube, I am also an avid collector of historical piano recordings, and most of the time I have devoted to the instrument over the past few years has been spent in developing my "pianist guide project" website,

    This ongoing project serves the twofold purpose of containing (1) a well-organized tabular listing of the pianist's discography (with links to available recordings) for the pianists I have completed to date and (2) a blog post (or series of posts) commenting on and analyzing the pianist's recordings as well as his or her contributions to the art of the instrument in a few key areas. As part of this analysis, I have developed my own system for rating both the pianist's individual recordings and individual characteristics (e.g., solo interpretation collaborations, technique). The overall aim of this site is to put the pianists of the past in their proper historical context and to assign them their proper relative importance as I see it.

    So please check it out if you're interested. The link is also in the signature below.


    Joe Renouf

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