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New CD to keep your eyes on

Discussion in 'General' started by Anonymous, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Those who may be familiar with Naxos' Complete Piano Music of Liszt already know of the great piano transcriptions of Beethoven's Symphonies played by Konstantin Scherbakov. For the longest time, Naxos had only recorded Symphonies 1-6 and the 9th. For a while, it seemed like they forgot about the 7th and 8th. Well, not anymore: ... nce&n=5174

    Although this is not released yet, I think any pianist here would appreciate this CD, even if one thinks Howard's or Katsaris' efforts are just as good. Scherbakov is, in my opinion, better than Howard when it comes to the symphony transcriptions and quite in league with Katsaris as well.

    Just thought I would point this out for those interested; keep an eye on it when it's finally released at the end of August.
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    Nice, I have some other recordings of Scherbakov (including the mentioned one) and they are all impressive.
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