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My first piano sonata

Discussion in 'Repertoire' started by AndreasvanHaren, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Andre van
    Hi! Here is a piece I wrote some months ago:

    It is my first sonata for piano in four movements, named after my daughter, Laura Lee: piano sonata no.1 "Laura Lee" in f minor. you can preview the sheet music online and download a copy of it and listen to the audio recordings I made of it.

    I recorded it little by little, it took me a lot of patience before I had it the way I wanted it. The music is very romantic in style, I never felt connected with the modern atonal style.

    My own piano technique is not very good and I would not be able to play this piece if someone would ask me to. I was wondering therefor if there are pianists out here who would like to have a look at it and maybe would like to take it into their repertoire. Probable, this is a question asked many times, but I though I give it a try :D

    best wishes,
    Andreas van Haren,
    Göteborg, Sweden

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