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Marriage of different time periods

Discussion in 'Composing' started by Lukecash, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    What do you folks think of implementing multiple instruments and having each symbolize a different theme or emotion? 3 or more would make for some very interesting music. For example: A piano playing Quasi Faust, two violins playing counterpoint implimenting key changes similar to that of Beethoven to lead the group in and out of different keys, and lastly some heavy theory work from a few cellos giving 12 tonal texture to it all. The piano would symbolize anger, the violins would symbolize guilt, and the cellos would represent anxiety, fear, discomfort, hysteria. Eventually the ideals spread seeming sarcastic of each other, less negativity involved. Finally, they end in unison(stylewise), working scales in counterpoint, then moving on to using Chopinesque chromatics along with the scales(the scales would stick to harmonizing each other instrument in perfect intervals) as if it were Chopin's "Winterwind" etude. In the final measures of this 3rd movement the instruments would give a resounding forte somewhat similar to the chord progessions in Alkan's Grande Sonate 'Les Quatre Ages' 30 Ans(specifically the section he called 'Le Seignur'). If you don't know the piece here is a link. ... 6A&index=0

    Is a marriage of ideas from different periods of time really possible? I reeally don't expect to use all of the first movement's methods simultaneously, but maybe i could make a few compromises? If the movements aren't clear, the 1st is the initial symbolism of emotion from the three instruments, the 2nd is the light hearted sarcasm that would end in violent contrast, and lastly the 3rd movement would be the scales and 'Le Seignur' ideas based on a fourth.

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