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Kansas University Releases CD

Discussion in 'Useful resources' started by avguste, Jul 12, 2006.

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    During my last 3 years at the University of Kansas,I was a member of the Kansas University Wind Ensemble,under the direction of Professor John Lynch
    The last year of my bachelor,the Wind Ensemble recorded a CD called REDLINE TANGO
    This CD has been finally released by Naxos.
    I am featured in tracks 1,2, and 6.However track 1 is the one where I am most featured.
    Track 1 is a composition from my friend Carter Pann.I love that piece and it was a plaisir to record it
    The whole CD is great.The Wind Ensemble did a great job in the recording sessions.
    Track 7 is performed by Elaine Fukunaga at the piano(for track 1 to be a success,it was decided that I will not be playing the Mackey's piece)
    The CD can be purchased easily from or Naxos
    The Amazon link is ... 53?ie=UTF8

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