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Impromptu in majors and minors (Impromptu 2)

Discussion in 'Composing' started by skinkken, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. skinkken

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    My previous piece (Impromtu in D minor): viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5761

    Here is my newest composition. Actually, it is about 4 months old. I started composing this at last Christmas holiday and wrote some every once in a while, having a lot of school work and stress. Who knows if that has had some influence to the piece? It was roughly ready those 4 months ago, but after that I made some improvements and changes. I made a computer listening version before I learned to play it myself. I would have published this earlier but I was already learning it and I wanted to make a recording rather than giving just that computer played version. I haven't mastered this piece yet so the recording is not perfect. Also the difficulty of this is already verging my skill level.

    The piece itself... well, there's a lot of different things in there, and what is even more special, this "Impromptu in majors and minors" has no main key at all! While my uncle was listening to this, he commented things like "that's Bach... that's Rachmaninoff... that could be Chopin".

    I'd say that at least Rachmaninoff (probably my favourite composer) has influenced my works. I like the big chords, difficult paths and the epicness of his music, and that's the kind of music I want to compose too. My next goal is to make a more peaceful piece for a change, if I'm able to do that (but they just BECOME like this!).

    There, have sheet music, a recording (Thanks to my JiaYu G4S china phone with great stereo microphones!) and a computer played version below. At some point I'm probably going to make different kind of sheet music that show how I play it (hands and fingering).
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    I listened to your piece and found it quite complex. Both requiring a lot from a performer and also quite interesting compositionally. It didn't seem like you were tied down to one genre, though I definitely agree I could hear Rachmaninov in the beginning. The final cadence was quite unexpected, but it worked as the piece seemed to defy expectations throughout! A nice effort here, thanks for sharing!

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