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How good can an amateur adult pianist like me actually get?

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by johnbrony, Dec 16, 2019.

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    Dec 16, 2019
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    I have limited time to dedicate to piano and I am wondering how good can I actually, realistically get, and how much do I have to dedicate to get there.

    I started piano at age 20, I am now 24 and love playing piano and I wish I started earlier. I also graduated school and started my career so I have limited time to practice but I play a good bit, normally about 2 hrs per day and I have improved a lot, I consider myself an intermediate player (I consider a Henle 4 on the easier side, a 6 pretty difficult and a 5 somewhere in the middle).

    I have become a little disappointed recently because I have realized how insanely deep piano is and I now see the incredible level of skill that great pianists have and I have realized I will never even come close to that. For example I look at great pianist of my generation and I see people that have been playing since age 3 and have had years and years of training at conservatories and have been taught by professional (and very expensive) teachers and play for 12 hrs a day every day for years and years. On, the other hand, I have 1, 1 hr lesson per week (my teacher is great though!) and I have to work and hang out with friends and do other things so I am so limited in my time.

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