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Goldberg Variations for BBC radio program

Discussion in 'Repertoire' started by pianolady, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I'm forwarding an interesting message I received. I hope some of you can contribute to this project! :)


    Dear members of the Piano Society,

    I'm looking for people who have special stories to tell about their feelings for Bach's Goldberg Variations for a forthcoming BBC Radio programme. This programme will be broadcast in the Spring on BBC Radio.

    I'm interested in finding people for whose lives have been touched or maybe changed by this music. People with a strong story to tell. Maybe they heard it at a very special time in their lives. And maybe they still have strong memories of this that they would be willing to share on the Radio.

    Have Bach's Goldberg Variations played a special part in your life? If so, perhaps you could get in touch with me.

    With thanks,
    Rosie Boulton
    Producer, BBC Radio 4,
    Level 9, High Street,
    BBC Birmingham
    The Mailbox
    B1 1RF

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