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Boris Berezovsky

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by hyenal, Jan 15, 2010.

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    He is one of my favorites. I experienced the most beautiful moment in a piano recital. After that he disappointed me in the same hall and in another occasion, but I still believe that he was sick in those evenings :lol: :lol: Oh, the most exciting experience of mine with a cd was his Chopin-Godowsky, too!

    He was supposed to play a recital in Louvre yesterday, but he cancelled it because of a healthy problem. You could have watched the recital on not only live but also on VOD)and now they show his recital in Essen Philharmonie 2006 instead. I watched the recital and the following portrait film yesterday (and skipped my piano practicing :roll:).
    Infos about that recital from medici: "Intelligent, curious and strong-minded, Boris Berezovsky has established a remarkable reputation, both as the most powerful of virtuoso pianists and as a musician of unique insight and sensitivity. Discover him in this two-part program, in a stunning recital where he performs works by Beethoven, Medtner, Llywelyn, Godowsky and Liadov, followed by a portrait of the artist."

    The recital was very exciting, I think. I don't know the Diabelli Vars. of Beethoven well (I'm too unmature to enjoy that music :oops: ), so I cannot say his Beethoven was good or bad. However the others were amazing...! I don't know Medtner and Llywelyn well, either, but these two composers really appealed to me through Berezovsky. I recommend to watch the first part where you can hear them. (But I'm not sure until wenn the recital in Essen is available... But it is still running there today.)

    In the portrait you can see how the pianist and the composer Llywelyn came to co-work. (Llywelyn composed a piece for Berezovsky.) On an interview Llywelyn said that he heard B playing wrong notes in a recital, but he thinks nobody noticed that because B improvised that wrong part very well. Then I realized something :!: In the other recital which I visited and was dissappointed with, he played the first Scherzo of Chopin. He seemed to be not a top health condition and made some slips. And a short part of the piece sounded differently than I used to hear. But it fit somehow to the foregoing and the following part well and I asked myself whether there is another version of this piece. But NOW I'm sure that he was improvising that part. Actually the Llywelyn piece in that recital from Essen was an improvisation on Llywelyn's work, too. Anyway, a very interesting discovery on my side.
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    His technique is amazing, outstanding, he TOO is one of my favorite pianists along with Nikolai Lugansky. Have you seen his documentary? Its on youtube I think, unless they removed it. Its funny, he says that he hates Chopin because he lives to much room for improvisation. I dont know if i could agree with that. his Liszt Etudes are amazing and one of my favs as well

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