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Aria from Goldberg Variations

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by echoyjeff222, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Hi all, sorry for the long absence - I finished my first semester at school and came home for the holidays, when I finally had time to practice and finish learning this piece that I picked up at the beginning of the semester but really never had time to practice at school.

    A short backstory:

    I'll probably never forget this piece, since it will probably be the last piece I ever play for my piano teacher. I came back and found out that she's currently in an assisted care facility, and she's suffering from Alzheimer's. I went and visited her several times over break and had a chance to play on a clanky old piano in the room, and it was incredible to see her light up again and get right back into "teaching" mode. But I think the next time I come back, months from now, she may not even recognize me. It's been a bit tough for me, but I know that I'll always cherish the love of music that she instilled in me. So, this piece is dedicated to her.

    If you'd like to share a similar story regarding your past teachers as well, I would appreciate hearing them.

    I played this piece at quite a slow tempo, mostly to evoke a meditative quality to the piece, which I felt appropriate given the backstory. I have a video as well, but my facial expressions are pretty tense and horrible looking, LOL.

    Thanks, everyone.

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