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¿can I use recordings for a free web project?.

Discussion in 'General' started by eldraku, May 21, 2015.

  1. eldraku

    eldraku New Member Trusted Member

    May 20, 2015
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    (google translator)


    I want to make a spanish personal web (non-commercial, no adsense or similar) containing a few classical music compilations made by me with free recordings of different webs. compilations would be to download zip files...

    I ask several pages, including pianosociety, can I do?, would be a project to teach Free Music to the World

    Thanks for your work!

    Two examples of possible compilations using audios from your website:

    Piano libre Volumen 1 (Free Piano Volume 1)
    01) Chopin - Estudio Num 3 (Tristezza) (John Lewis Grant)
    02) Liszt-Paganini - La campanella (Chiara Bertoglio)
    03) Schumann - Traumerei (Joachim Parrow)
    04) Beethoven - Für Elise (Mauro Bertoli)
    05) Debussy - Clair de Lune de la Suite Bergamasque (Tom Pascale)
    06) Beethoven - Adagio de la Sonata para piano num 14 (Claro de luna) (Sandro Bisotti)
    07) Debussy - Arabesque 1 (Teppei Yamada-Scriba)
    08) Tchaikovsky - Barcarola de Las estaciones (Alfonso Bertazzi)
    09) Grieg - An der Frühling de Piezas liricas (Erik Helling)
    10) Ravel - Jeux d´eau (Austin Kendrick)
    11) Satie - Gymnopedie num (Chase Coleman)
    12) Schubert -Momento musical num 3 (Harald Vetter)

    Piano libre Volumen 2 (Free Piano Volume 2)
    01) Liszt - Liebesträume (Eddy del Rio)
    02) Schumann - Von fremden Landern und Menschen de Kinderszenen op 15 (Daniel Hoehr)
    03) Ravel - Pavane pour une infante defunte (Therese Dussaut)
    04) Chopin - Nocturno num 2 (Richard Anatone)
    05) Mozart - Fantasia K397 (Marc McCarthy)
    06) Faure - Barcarola num 1 op 26 (Felipe Sarro)
    07) Beethoven - Tempo de menuetto de la Sonata para piano num 20 (Chris Breemer)
    08) Liszt - Consolacion num 3 (Eugene Dolan)
    09) Mendelssohn - Canción de Primavera de Canciones sin palabras (Andreas Pfaul)
    10) Brahms - Vals op 39 num 15 (Martha Goldstein)
    11) Mussorgsky - Paseo y baile de los polluelos de Cuadros de una exposición (Joseph Renouf)
    12) Chopin - Preludio 15 (Robert Stahlbrand)
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    Hi Eldraku,

    We seem to have overlooked your request, sorry about that.
    If your site is non-commercial, do go ahead using whichever recordings you like. We ask only that you properly credit Piano Society and the individual artists.
    And please send us a link to the site !

  3. eldraku

    eldraku New Member Trusted Member

    May 20, 2015
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    Oh, thank you very much! I will make the site soon. I will also use free music of other sites prior permission

    When the web is published I will send the link here.

    Here and now, the link of the compilation of my 1st post , in gratitude to all pianists of :)!6BcWnBpA!gEaGC1lsPb-b ... UoRqko2T6E (127,49 MB)

    mirror: (127,49 MB)
  4. eldraku

    eldraku New Member Trusted Member

    May 20, 2015
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    It has been 6 years since I had the idea of making a website about piano in mind, and I looked for a way to be able to obtain audios of classical pieces that were free to use.

    I found the site a community dedicated to promoting and offering free-use classical piano audios, and I contacted them to ask their permission to compile some of their audios for a future website of mine.

    6 long years passed, but I can finally fulfill my proposal on this blog, and I will be able to send you a link.

    It is dedicated to all the people of and their good work! :)

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