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Stahlbrand, Robert

Robert was born 1971 and lives currently in Sweden at an island called Orust, about 70 kilometers north of Gothenburg with wife (Liselott) and two children, now 14 (Alva) and 11 (Oliver) years old. 

Robert has been very interested by music from the day his mother more or less forced him into the musical school in the age of 8 for playing the flute. He was immediately addicted by playing an instrument but what he really wanted was to play piano and less than a year after, in the age of 9, Robert was taken into the piano school where he studied with Mats Runge (today the principle of the Musical school of Orust) from 1980 to 1985. His grandfather bought him the first piano (Nylund & Son) and he learned quickly to play. Robert's parents had to have special rules to be able to live through his addiction to the piano. No piano before 8 in the mornings and Robert says to be very thankful for their patience of his endless practicing.

At 1985, Robert's interest in this age was more about modern music like Synth and Rock music and he joined several bands and at the age of 22, was asked to enter a band for a musical contest. The band (ToeJam) was at start a fun event with skilled musicians put together and won a large music contest in 1993 and got to play in front of 5000 people, was on the first side of the largest newspaper in Sweden etc. With this success, the band made records, tours and large shows but splitted in 1994 which was the same year as Robert finished his engineering graduation at the University of Chalmers.

Robert started to work in 1994 and got into the computer security business and has stayed in that area since then.
The basic classical piano music was always his company but there were several years from 1994 where he practiced poorly. Robert played mostly Beethoven, Bach and Mozart as well as some less famous composers as for example the Swedish W. Peterson-Berger until he rediscovered the wonderful and very interesting music of Chopin in 2002. Robert had a great portion of help with the Chopin etudes from Malcolm Kandzia in the years 2002 - 2004 and is currently studying with Björn Månsson. 

At the year 2004, Robert founded Piano Society (this site) together with friends he met in different Internet forums and am today the owner/manager of the site with great help from Chris Breemer who he got to know on the way, and Monica Alianello who joined as an admin some time later.

Robert is also a composer and composes regularly, mostly for special events and on commission. A couple of examples of such recordings are present on this site.

Robert can be contacted at


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