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Schumann composed his three romances of Op.28 in 1839. One year before he married Clara Wieck and even though these works bears no dedication, one cannot help believe that he had Clara in mind when he composed his romances. Clara's father was against the marriage at first as he considered Clara be too young and Robert's career too vague but at the time of composition of these three works, Clara and Robert had made there plan how to marry without his permission. Being not among Schumann's more famous works, the set of three romances should not be neglected and are typical works of the time by Robert. 

2 Einfach in F-sharp major 3:43 Hart, M.
2 Einfach in F-sharp major 6:02 Robson, J.
2 Einfach in F-sharp major 2:48 Utuk, J.
Jan 7, 2016
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