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Pascale, Tom

Tom Pascale is a banker by profession, living in the northern suburbs of New York and commuting by day to the city. 
While most bankers take pleasure in being weekend golfers, Tom is more of a weekend pianist, having kept up with the piano ever since taking lessons as a child. His mother was not musical, but insisted upon piano lessons for each of her six children. There were no other musical influences in his upbringing, but Tom still can remember the day he heard Handel's Messiah at school at age 7, and was hooked on classical music from that moment on. As a teenager, Tom eventually quit his piano lessons and never entertained the idea of making music a profession. But listening to classical music, concertgoing, and playing piano on the weekends always remained an important part of his life. He is also an occasional composer, having recorded one of his compositions for PianoSociety. 
Tom's experience in music is a very personal one. He doesn't play the piano publicly and can only be heard in his living room, which is soundproofed as a courtesy to his wife and children. However, since the mission of the Piano Society website includes amateur music makers, and since his son has a gizmo called an Edirol (for recording music into a computer) Tom has decided to come out of the closet (or at least out of the living room) and post a few things. He is grateful to mssrs Ståhlbrand, Helling, and Wallaart for their service to the musical community, and holds in highest esteem those who have pursued their careers in the musical arts, which makes this a much better world for the rest of us with day jobs. 

Tom also compose and you find his music on the following link:
Pascale, T..

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Jan 15, 2016
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