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Piano Concertos

Piano Concertos
Piano Concerto No. 12 in A Major, KV 414

This beloved concerto is one of the three which Mozart composed in 1782/1783, specifically for the Vienna public. In Mozart's own words, written in a letter to his father Leopold, these concerti (KV 413, 414 and 415) are "neither too easy, nor too difficult, but pleasing to the ears".
1 Allegro 10:26 Bertoglio, C.
Recorded when Chiara Bertoglio was only 8 years old.

Piano Concerto No. 14 in E flat Major, KV 449

This concerto was written in 1784. It was the first composition Mozart entered into a music notebook he kept for seven years. It is regarded as his first mature piano concerto, and as one of the best. Richard Pohl's performance was recorded live at Jesenik, Czech Republic, in 2007. The Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra is conducted by Vladimir Zeman

2 Andantino 8:57 Pohl, R.

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, KV 466

This concerto, much admired by Beethoven, is one of the only two Mozart piano concertos in a minor key. Its profound yet lively character makes it one of the most popular of the Mozart concertos. The Romanza contains what may well be one of Mozart's most appealing and well-known melodies.

Complete recording by Richard Pohl.
1 Allegro 12:54
2 Romanza 9:20
3 Rondo-Allegro Assai 7:59

The above are live recordings of a concert at the "Mozart Celebration" in 2006 in Czechia. The accompanying pianist is David Schmied. The cadenzas played here are by Beethoven (mvt. I, mvt. III second cadenza) and Hummel (mvt. III first cadenza).

Complete recording by Stehlik, the Church of St. Maria in Zlonice.
1 Allego 13:43
2 Romanza 10:56
3 Allegro assai 7:28

Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, KV 467

Complete recording by Carnevale, R., conducting the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra from the keyboard.
1 Allegro 14:08
2 Andante 6:18
3 Allegro vivace assai 6:43
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