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The "Variations sur un vieux Noël français" (Variations on an old French Christmas carol) were composed in 1998. In Francois de Larrard's own words:

The theme is a traditional carol, and was used by many composers of the Baroque time, as e.g. Louis-Claude Daquin (1694-1772). Then come 25 variations. The first ones are very classical, with the theme appearing at the top, mid and bass voices, respectively. After this beginning, many influences can be heard, from folk music to jazz, passing through contemporary. The last one has even a Caribbean rythm. I had also some Beethoven or Händel reminiscences. In spite of this apparent heterogeneity, I hope it is more than an indigestible salad, but rather a march past of what I like in music.

The recording is taken from a cassette, and displays some 'wow', mainly at the beginning. However, I like the interpretation. Maybe I will re-record it in the future with a better technology.

Variations sur un vieux Noël français
Larrard, F. de

Jan 15, 2016
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