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Slåtter (Norwegian Peasant Dances) Op. 72

The Slåtter Op. 72, composed by Grieg in 1902, are free transcriptions of Norwegian peasant dances (Slåt being the general native name for such a peasant dance). The original melodies, handed down through many generations of native musicians, were usually played on the so-called Hardanger fiddle, a special kind of violin widely in use in the southern Norwegian region Hardanger. They were first collected and penned down by Grieg's fellow composer Johan Halvorsen, then masterfullly adapted for the piano by Grieg. In these little-known works, Grieg manages to create totally idiomatic and pianistic pieces while still retaining the folksy, fiddle-like character of these dances.








Complete recording by Breemer, C.

Recorded dec.2008 - jan.2009
1 Giböens Brautmarsch 2:31
2 John Wästafä's Springtanz 2:30
3 Brautmarsch aus Telemarken 3:30
4 Halling aus dem Hügel 4:08
5 Der Prillar aus dem Kirchspiel Os 1:28
6 Getretener Tanz (nach 'dem Müller') 1:20
7 Halling aus dem Hallingtal 4:25
8 Brautmarsch (nach 'dem Müller') 2:50
9 Nils Rekve's Halling 1:16
10 Knut Luråsens Halling I 1:39
11 Knut Luråsen's Halling II 2:50
12 Springtanz (nach 'dem Müller') 1:18
13 Håwar Giböens Traum an der Oterholtsbrücke 2:01
14 Die Brautfahrt der Unterirdischen (Getretener Tanz) 2:27
15 Die Skudalsbraut. Getretener Tanz. 2:35
16 Die Mädchen aus dem Kivletal. Springtanz. 1:32
17 Die Mädchen aus dem Kivletal. Getretener Tanz. 1:40
Jan 8, 2016
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