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Humoresques Op.6 (1865)
The four Humoresken Op.6 are Norwegian dances in all but name. They were composed in 1865 and are dedicated to the Norwegian composer and national hero Richard Nordraak.

Previously, Grieg had been composing in a very traditional style, true to his conservative musical education at the Leipzig conservatory. His meeting with Nordraak (composer of the Norwegian national anthem) completely changed Grieg's musical outlook and made him realize his Norwegian roots. Consequently, this set of Humoresken is the first work in which Grieg found his own unique (if perhaps not yet fully mature) voice.


Complete recording by Breemer, C.

Grieg - Humoresken Op.6 (1865)
Dedication: Rikard Nordraak gewidmet
1 Tempo di Valse 3:29
2 Tempo di Minuetto ed energico 2:52
3 Allgretto con grazia 2:53
4 Allegro alla burla 3:59

1 Tempo di Valse 3:11 Jensen, K.E.
2 Tempo di Menuetto ed energico 3:01 Coleman, N.
3 Allegretto con grazia 2:02 Coleman, N.
4 Allegro alla burla 3:24 Helling, E.
Jan 8, 2016
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