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Two Marchas Militares (piano four hands)

2 Marchas Militares (piano four-hands)
Two charming little pieces filled with youthful exuberance and gaiety and  meant to be played as a duet on one piano.  However, these two recordings are played by Piano Society members who live thousands of miles apart and cannot play on the same piano.  Therefore each part was recorded separately at each player's home and then edited together via computer editing programs.   The main focus on the collaboration was to edit together video recordings of the pieces in a fun and entertaining way, so links to both the mp3 recordings and videos can be found below:

Marcha Militar No. 1 recorded by Monica Hart and Vosgerichian, G.

Marcha Militar No. 2 recorded by Monica Hart and Breemer, C.

Marcha Militar No. 1:  Allegretto 3:34
Marcha Militar No. 2:  Lento marciale 3:08

Marcha Militar No. 1 Allegretto
Marcha Militar No. 2 Lento marciale
Jan 8, 2016
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