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Op.7 - 3 Bagatelles

The Bagatelles op. 7 were composed in 1989. They are written with a programmatic background idea:

I. Reifblumen ("Hoarfrost-flowers"): The first frost congeals the last flowers cloaked in crystals.
II. Der Gärtner ("The gardener"): The prodigious gardener loosens the soil like a mole.
III. Nacht ("Night"): Under cover of the darkness, sinister insects come to power, theft and slaugther ensue.

Reifblumen  2:00
Froschhammer, J.
Der Gärtner1:26
Froschhammer, J.
Froschhammer, J.

Fritz Froschhammer was born in Munich in 1948. He studied composition with Peter Jona Korn and piano with Paula Schultheiß and Wilhelm Keilmann at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory in Munich.

After obtaining his diploma, he continued his studies with prof. Renate Werner and prof. Jürgen Uhde at the Hochschule in Stuttgart. He finished with the concert diploma. In 1972, he won first prize at the piano competition held for all the conservatories in Germany.

Since 1978 he has been teacher of music theory, composition and piano at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory in Munich.
He performs often as a chamber musician together with singers and instrumentalists, including the cellists Rudolf Metzmacher, Guido Schiefen, Ludwig Hoelscher and the violinists Josef Märkl and Florian Sonnleitner. As the pianist of the Wilhelm Kempff Ensemble, he made radio appearances and CD recordings of the compositions of his teacher Wilhelm Keilmann.

He composes mainly chamber music works (e.g. clarinet quartet, piano trio, sonata for oboe and piano).
Jan 14, 2016
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