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The two sets of 3 Images which Debussy composed in 1905 resp. 1907 belong to his most successful piano works, and contains Debussy's most extended movements. The 1907 set is generally more difficult, impressionistic, and elaborate than the 1905 set, and regularly employs 3-stave notation to clearly deliniate the separate layers of sound. Perhaps more than any other works in Debussy's oeuvre,with the exception of the Etudes, the Images demand a rare combination of complete pianism and sensitive musicality.

Images, Book 1 (1905)

1 Reflets dans l'eau 5:30 Kodeeswaran, P.
1 Reflets dans l'eau 5:49 Chauvineau B.

 Complete recording byBudd, M.
1 Reflets dans l'eau 5:23
2 Hommage a Rameau 7:25
3 Mouvement 4:09



Complete recording by John Anderson

1 Reflets dans l'eau 4:45
2 Hommage à Rameau 6:47
3 Mouvement 3:32

 Images, Book 2

2 Cloche à trauvers les feuilles 4:37 Chauvineau B.


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