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The Estampes were composed in 1903, and are dedicated to J.E. Blanche. As the title suggests, these piece aim to evoke the atmosphere of different countries (something Debussy was particularly adept at even when he had never visited them).

Pagodes, with its pentatonic scales and athmospheric pedal effects reminds one of Chinese music. La soirée dans Grenade is one of Debussy's three 'Spanish' pieces, this one particularly successful with its insistent habanera rhythm, punctuated by guitar-like interruptions. Jardins sous la pluie stays closer to home, building an impressive canvas around two well-known French children's songs.

Complete recording by Francois de Larrard
1 Pagodes 4:58
2 La soiree dans Grenade 4:56
3 Jardins sous la pluie 3:58
Complete recording by Eckel, N.
1 Pagodes 4:58
2 La soirée dans Grenade 5:51
3 Jardins sous la pluie 3:51

2 La soirée dans Grenade 5:11 April, D.
2 La soirée dans Grenade 4:58 Utuk, J.
Jan 7, 2016
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