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Burgmüller's piano music is mainly intended for juvenile performers, and his opus 68, 76, 97, 100, and 105 etudes are widely used for piano teaching today. Etudes in opus 100, Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies for Pianoforte, are used for piano lessons especially for juvenile learners with small hands because of the following reasons:

- There are no octave fingerings.
- The widest range (interval) is the seventh.
- Each piece as a unique title and the pieces are pleasant music, especially in the ears of children.

Zen-On Publishers' Burgmüller Op. 100 Twenty-Five Etuden (published in Japan) has been used for piano lessons by Yamaha method. After completing a two-year primary course (age 4-6) and a two-year secondary course (age 6-8) of basic musicianship, Yamaha students (age 8-10) usually start taking individual lessons with this etude book.

2 Arabesque 1:00 Mar, J.
3 Pastorale 1:23 Mar, J.
4 Petite Réunion 1:48 Mar, J.
6 Progrès 1:20 Mar, J.
7 Courant Limpide 1:02 Mar, J.
15 Ballade 1:33 Mar, J.
23 Le Retour 1:00 Mar, J.
24 L'hirondelle (The Swallow) 1:35 Muller, N.
25 La Chevaleresque 1:27 Mar, J.
Jan 6, 2016
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