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Six Little Piano Pieces, Op. 19

Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19 (or Six Little Piano Pieces) is a set of pieces for solo piano. It is a collection of 6 pieces, each aphoristically short, and unique in character. The work is atonal or at least any resemblance to tonality is fleeting, but it predates Schönberg's later dodecophonic development. The first five movements were written in a single day, February 11, 1911. Shortly after Gustav Mahler died later that year in May, Schönberg wrote the mournful sixth movement to conclude the work.

  1. Leicht, zart (Light, delicate)
  2. Langsam (Slow)
  3. Sehr langsame (Very slow)
  4. Rasch, aber leicht (Brisk, but light)
  5. Etwas rasch (Somewhat brisk)
  6. Sehr langsam (Very slow)

Complete recording by Lee, A.

1 Leicht, zart 1:18
2 Langsam 1:00
3 Sehr langsame 1:02
4 Rasch, aber leicht 0:30
5 Etwas rasch 0:32
6 Sehr langsam 1:46

Complete recording by Bertoglio, C.

1-6 Six Little Pieces 4:44 Bertoglio, C.


2 Langsam 1:10 Tucker, R.
Jan 8, 2016
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