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Chapitres tournés en tous sens

Chapitres tournés en tous sens (Chapters all mixed up)


Chapitres tournés en tous sens (1913) 
- Celle qui parle trop 
- Le porteur de grosses pierres 
- Regrets des enfermés (Jonas et Latude)


The first piece (The one who talks too much) is supposed to describe a too talkative lady bothering her husband. The second one (The heavy stones bearer) could accompany a mute film showing a fair athlete failing under the weight of a too big rock. The final movement (Regrets of the confined) describes two prisoners, with, among others, this sentence: 'Un siècle les sépare' (They are a century away from each other...). 

Chapitres tournes en tous sens 4:39 Larrard, F.
Jan 8, 2016
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