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Carnaval das crianças brasilieras

Composed in 1920, there are eight scenes included in this suite of children's Carnival pieces: 

1.  O ginete de Pierrozinho (Little Pierrot's Horse) 
2.  O Chicote do diabinho (The Whip of the Little Devil) 
3.  A Manhã de Pierrette (Pierrette's Morning) 
4.  Os Guizos de Moninozinho (Little Red Riding Hood's Bell) 
5.  As Peripécias do trapeirozinho (The Sufferings of the Little Ragpicker) 
6.  As Traquinces do mascarado mignon (The Tricks of the Little Masker) 
7.  A Gaita de um precoce fantasiado (The Little Jester's Shepherd's Pipe) 
8.  A Folia de um bloco infantil (The Frolics of a Band of Children)


1 O Ginete do Pierrozinho  1:36 Sarro, F.
3 A Manha de Pierrette 1:43 Silva, M. da
Jan 6, 2016
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