Thank you to those who donated to Piano Society in 2017.

Welcome to Piano Society

Piano Society is proud to present its large collection of more than 5,600 high-quality classical keyboard recordings, produced by our artists consisting of both professionals and skilled amateurs. Visitors can find a wide range of music by famous as well as lesser-known classical composers. Although all recordings are free, donations will be gratefully received to cover the costs of hardware and web hosting.

Piano Society actually consists of two sites. One is the main site, which you are looking at now and contains the music pages with recordings. It is not necessary to register for the main site, everything is free. The other is the Piano Society Forum where you can find discussions relating to composers, pianists, technique, repertoire, composing, and the piano. To take part in discussions, or post recordings, you need to register and log in to the forum.

For the pianist, Piano Society offers its registered members a personal biography page and space to host their recordings. To join as a pianist, please register with our discussion forum if you have not already done so, log in and post a message in the Audition Room forum, attaching three recordings of preferably different repertoire. Your recordings will be evaluated by the administrators, taking in account feedback from long-standing members, and if accepted, added to the site along with the biographical information and photo you provide. Recordings do not need to be of professional quality but must be reasonably accurate and error-free and have decent sound without too much hiss and extraneous noises. Digital recordings are allowed although we much prefer acoustic recordings. MIDI and other types of rendered music will not be considered for inclusion on the site.


Piano Society ensemble music videos

Several PS members have collaborated to make video recordings of four-hand and even six-hand piano pieces. Some of the collaborations are of two members sitting together at the same piano. Others are of two or three members sitting at their own piano, in their own home, in countries far away from each other, where audio and video editing programs were used to put the parts together. The videos were fun to make and we invite you to watch them by following these links:

Rachmaninov - Two six-hand piano pieces
Granados - Two Marchas Militares
Haydn - Symphony no. 45 in F-sharp minor "Farewell Symphony"

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