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Yulianna Avdeeva

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by hyenal, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I recently came across the debate over the winner of the 16th Chopin Competition (belately-it was held in the last fall) and became curious about the winner (Avdeeva) and one of the second-prize winners (Ingolf Wunder). My conclusion is: To my taste Avdeeva is absolutely better than Wunder who has fantastic technique but also the exaggrated showmanship with which he seems to hide his lack of profound musicality. (But I admit I don't like Avdeeva's playing of the E minor concerto in the final, on the other hand the 1-3 stages were fantastic!)
    On the main site of that competition all performances of all participants are available and I was especially deeply moved by the second stage of the winner. All the performances let me immerse in the music of Chopin thoroughly, among them I'd like to recommend especially the fantasy op.49 which she played as the second piece after the Valse op.34-1. So well shaped, with such a intensity.... absolutely stunning. I think I really like her.... and at the same time I became to love also Chopin...
    Here is the link to the second stage:

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