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your repertoire?

Discussion in 'Repertoire' started by Anonymous, Jul 9, 2007.

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    post your repertoire here!
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  3. Terez

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    Gulfport, MS, USA
    I think no one has responded because there is already a thread for this, entitled "What works are you learning?" In other words...what is your current repertoire? ;)
  4. Anonymous

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    I wrote in the other thread, but not my whole repertoir. Here it is:

    Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 21 with my own cadenzas

    Brahms: Rhapsody in h minor

    Chopin: Etude no. 8

    Schoenberg: most of the Suite op. 25

    Nørgård: Turn

    (working on Ives´s Three-page sonata)

    I know, that´s quit a lot, but it´s also the pieces, I studied for a whole year, and kept them up.
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    Yes, right. :wink: I forgot it was different in english.
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    OK. :wink: everyone can make mistakes.
    Brahms wrote some really beautiful music.
    I have never heard any music of Nørgård, what is it like? Will you make a recording of it and post it? I'd like to hear it...

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