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wireless mic for outdoor recording on upright

Discussion in 'General' started by Kalos Piano, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Apr 1, 2016
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    I hope this is the right section to ask this question.

    I've read other discussions concerning the best mics to record music on piano, but I don't seem to find anything concerning wireless microphones and outdoor performances.

    Please consider that I am total complete utter ignorant when it comes to recording technologies, cameras, mics, everything!

    In the upcoming summer I might have to record on some street upright pianos in order to participate to a small local video competition in my city.

    I'm probably buying a GoPro5 to record the video with good quality (I suppose) but I'm thinking that I should also buy a microphone to record the audio with the minimum possible amount of ambient noise.
    And since I'll be outdoor and the camera is supposed to move around, I believe it would be good to have a wireless mic.

    Don't have a fixed budget (yet). Of course I'd prefer to spend as little as possible, but I don't wanna sacrifice the recording conditions and I want the sound to be as clear and background noise-free as possible, so I'm ready to pay for the quality.

    Do you have any suggestion on microphones models that might satisfy these requirements?
    Also tips on mic positioning and on recording performances generally speaking would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks a ton in advance!


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