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What is your experience taking Recital Diploma Exams?

Discussion in 'Useful resources' started by Bubbles, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Bubbles

    Bubbles New Member

    Dec 18, 2007
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    Piano teachers and Conservatoire Students ,what is your experience taking Recital Diploma Exams?
    This is my first recital exam and I am quite nervous.
    I am taking my exam in a few months's time.
    The pieces I am playing for my exam are :-

    French Suite no5 in G by Bach
    Mozart PIano SOnata K 331
    Schubert Impromtu no 2 in Eflat opus 90

    Any experience to share, ideas on how to make it perfect, suggestions on how to practise better ?
    How much time do you practise in a day when preparing for diploma recital exams?
    And do you play all the pieces or just fine tune sections on each piece?
  2. fluterific00

    fluterific00 Member

    May 29, 2008
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    Private Piano Teacher College Piano Teacher Accomp
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    I've been attempting to email you, but I have failed miserably two times! I never stay on the current task with tabs and then I end up loosing all of the info I'd typed.
    Anyway, most of us can work ourselves up far too much than ever there need be. I know I always did. And maybe this is just me, but I believe that artist's can tend to be a little a.d.d. as I have found out recently that I have some of the symptoms. (Though I don't like to admit it. :)) However, because of a little a.d.d tendencies that I have, I know that I am constantly looking into the future and not at the present most times. Worrying about things that didn't need to be as much worried over. Mostly this is because after the exams and recital I thought to myself, did I just do that? It almost feels like I never did it to begin with now. For nervousness, I don't really know if eating a banana works, but it could be a start. Also, there is a product called gaba, which acts as a muscle relaxer, and it is an all natural health supplement. information about gaba is found here: ... ffects.htm
    I know it helped me out a little today when I started my new job. (however, I was still slightly nervous:)) It also helps a sore back, which may partly result from bad posture while sitting at the piano.
    I don't think human beings can really make anything perfect as we were created imperfect, however I know that you want to do well for your exam, so here are some hopefully helpful tips:
    I know I should practice what I preach and I don't always, but memorizing the left hand as well as the right hand may be something new for you to try. My high school teacher always said that we should know the left hand as well as we know the right hand. That includes expressions as well. I didn't always do this in college or even now, but I know it really helped then.
    I am kind of thinking that you really need to determine your own schedule. However, I know when I teach, I like to have a set schedule with the students because otherwise it some things might not get done. (i.e. scales for sure). So, with my students, I always have them play all of their five note pattern scales, then maybe we work something in an activities book, then maybe do some playing, and then also maybe do something fun at the end. Perhaps mapping something like that out to meet your needs will work for you.
    Sorry this was so long- but I was on a roll. Plus, I'm also revved up since I started my new position today- so I've got a lot of ideas running in my head.

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