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Discussion in 'General' started by fluterific00, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Just would like to update what I am up to.
    I've begun my work at the college. I have choir which is a paid activity as well as a possible amount of 10 piano students. If that's all I did, that'd be doing pretty well. It's not full time yet, but the lady I work for has not yet ruled that possibility out. I think I'm going to have my work cut out for me and I think I need to learn the gospel style playing because of the college I'm with. Any tips on the gospel style would be amazing. I understand mostly how it's done, but don't seem to execute it to well. I am really sad that the yamaha grand they have has a broken soundboard. I'd have a nice piano to make recordings on if it wasn't broken. It doesn't stay in tune real well. If you know a place that repairs them at an inexpensive cost, please let me know.
    On top of Messenger College, I have my own home studio which is now beginning to grow. I have about 4 possibilities that are looking more possible and 2 that I need to set in stone a little better. This is on top of the 3 that I currently have. I've been networking and waiting a long time for it to really take off, but it's beginning to now.
    As well as the two mentioned, I am still accompanying the Suzuki violin academy on 3 evenings so far. It will go to 4 later in the year.
    I think I've made a good impression at the college so far. She would like me to stay there as long as possible. That's what I got when placing a simple ad in the paper calling for more piano students. You never know what will show up in the end if you just place an ad.
    It'll take a couple of years or so, but I'll eventually get enough to own a grand piano of my own. Then, I will be able to make good recordings all the time. :)
    Anyway, have a great day!
    Happy playing.

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