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Valentina Lisitsa

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by PJF, Nov 22, 2006.

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    I heard her play a hefty duo recital with Hilary Hahn a week ago. They played the Franck Sonata, the Ives 3rd Sonata and the Brahms A major as well as a Mozart Sonata; Hahn also played the Ysaye solo Sonata in G major. Difficulties do not seem to exist for Lisitsa ( or for Hahn) and she played her part without overpowering the violin but she never "accompanied", her playing was always the equal of the violin and she took center stage in the appropriate places. She has plenty of power but uses it sparingly, and she never made an ugly sound. The Mozart was the best piano Mozart I've heard in a long time; her scales and passage work were astonishingly clear and precise and the whole Sonata sang out and danced along without ever sounding dry or mannered; a great performance. The Ives Sonata was incredible ( the piano part is MUCH harder than the violin unless I'm mistaken); her phrasings and colorations were superb. There's an inner movement of the sonata that has some very rapid repeated note and scale passages of extreme difficulty; she tossed these off as if they were nothing at all. They both understood the piece and dove right into it; for me it was the highlight of the evening, a real musical adventure. Of course there were those in the audience who were were audibly grousing about "the damned modern music" :roll: but hopefully they were assuaged by the rest of the program, which was superb as well. Hopefully I'll hear her in a solo recital someday.

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