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Update on my teaching and performance life!!!

Discussion in 'Pianists' started by avguste, Nov 19, 2008.

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    Greetings all
    I thought I would post a few updates about the teaching and performing I am doing.

    As you may know,this past summer I was hired as full time piano instructor in a private school in Grapevine. The teaching is going very well. I have about 41 students every week and generally speaking they are good students. I have even a few that want to pursue music at the university level. so I am very happy to be there. In addition, the administration is professional :)

    Performance side,I just finished performing 2 recitals and a concerto.
    The first recital was in Texas, at the school where I teach,while the 2nd recital was in Lawrence,Kansas for my scholarship donors.
    The program for the recitals was

    "203 Pointe Crossing/The Upstate Rag................Carter Pann

    Piano Suite...........................................................Till MacIvor Meyn

    Ballade..............................................Matthew Lewis

    Preludio in Mi maggiore......................................Andrea Poggiali

    Piano Rags............................................................William Bolcom
    1.Graceful Ghost Rag
    2.Tabby Cat Walk
    4.The Serpent's Kiss

    "THE UPSTATE RAG(2005) was written for pianist Rob Auler at SUNY Oswego.
    Rob performed an entire concert of my music at that time and had organized a new commission for a small
    piano piece to be added into the program. I had traveled to the small town of Lake Ontario in upstate New York
    to attend the performance and rehearsals of my music. It was such a nice chance meeting with my old friend from the
    University of Michigan. I have known Rob a long time as a wonderful pianist interested in performing works “off the
    beaten path”. This particular rag was originally inspired by the fist apartment I had rented in Ann Arbor(1994-1996),
    while working towards my Master's Degree in Composition under William Bolcom and William Albright"
    Carter Pann

    "Piano Suite is a collection of dance music for the piano.It is in three movements and incorporates styles and forms of
    various composers and eras.
    The first movement, “Fanfare” was written initially as the theme music for Youngstown State University,
    and has been used in advertisement and promotion. This expanded version includes a reflective middle section,
    which leads back to the YSU theme for the conclusion.
    The second movement, “Allemande”, takes the form and character of a Bach piano suite, but its content reflects
    Schoenbergian serial writing. Both of these systems give rigidity to the music,which remains fairly strictly
    within the confines of its constraints. Although one twelve-tone row is used in the allemande,a derivation of
    the row permits a chromatic scale to be played as well.
    The title of the final movement, “Frottola”, refers to a renaissance dance form that often uses hemiola and moves quickly.
    As in the first movement, the main melody is manipulated using methods derived from twelve-tone technique.
    The musical language,however, is modal and tonal, not chromatic, and therefore feels like a meeting of styles from
    vastly different times. The theme is played in retrograde,inversion, and other forms and the rhythm is also altered
    separately from the tune to create multiple combinations that keep changing. The pressing tempo and relentless
    theme creates a perpetuum mobile that moves the music forward to the suite's conclusion"
    Till MacIvor Meyn

    "In 1967, William Bolcom discovered the rags of Scott Joplin and following an exploration period of Scott Joplin's music,
    William Bolcom joined a group of young American composers in writing new traditional-style rags.
    Those young composers included Peter Winkler, William Albright, George Rochberg, and many others.
    Out of the many American composers writing traditional-style rags,two names stand out: William Bolcom and William Albright.
    Both composers and faculty at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, William Albright and William Bolcom would send
    each other rags by mail like chess problems and one could argue that their contributions have shaped the
    traditional piano rags as we know it.

    The four rags presented tonight are a short showing of the rags composed by William Bolcom.
    Written in 1970, Graceful Ghost Rag was written by Bolcom in memory of his father.
    The Tabby Cat Walk written in 1968,slyly ends with a series of measured silences.
    The Serpent's Kiss, the final rag,conjures the image of Adam and Eve calmly cakewalking their way out of Paradise.
    The Serpent's Kiss calls for the performer to either tap dance,either slap the piano and it calls for
    the performer to “sing” by clicking its tongue."
    William Bolcom/Avguste Antonov"

    Then I performed the Schumann Piano Concerto with the Kansas University Medical Arts Symphony, in Kansas City,Kansas.
    The performance went well and I had like a standing ovation from about 400 listeners :)

    Upcoming events include a world premiere at the University of Miami-Florida,a recital in Pittsburgh, a recital in the Steinway Recital Hall(either Ft Worth,Dallas or Plano.All 3 in Texas), recitals in Italy during the 2009-2010 season and a possible recital at the Dallas Performing Arts in November 2009.

    For all the recitals and concerts,my bio contains the phrase "featured pianist for the Piano Society" and when able it provides the society url

    I think the above covers it all as of now :)

    If any of you have any performance locations suggestions,please do not hesitate to post on here or message me

    Thank you all

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