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The Dark World Of BW RECKNAGEL - New Classical Composer

Discussion in 'Composing' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2009.

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    London based, German classical composer BW Recknagel has launched his new website and Album Release "Nihilum", available as download only, in June 2009.

    BW Recknagel's debut Album "Nihilum" comes like a breath of fresh air in the midst of classical releases.
    Fresh, as his piano compositions are of extreme deep and dark nature. With many contemporary composers being obsessed with abstract art and, as a result, struggling to meet a wider audience, BW Recknagel has no intention to re-invent the wheel but simply focuses on making beautiful music, truly authentic and inspired.

    All 10 pieces, ranging from Minimalism to dark Romanticism, have hypnotic tones of such intimacy and emotional depth that the listener is immediately drawn into a world of deep yet edgy relaxation - from the first note to the last with a commercial edge and the potential of inviting a wider audience.

    Performed by Russian Pianist Xenia Russo, her sensitive and expertly colored playing brings the final magical touch to this unique work, emphasizing the "openness" of BW Recknagel's music, painting a picture of melancholy and sadness, taking you into a journey of your own inner stories of emotion.

    Tracks like "Singularity", "Fading Love" and "Before The Dark" bear references to the early 20th Century French impressionists such as Eric Satie or Debussy whereby the Album develops into more complex, classical material in the line of dark romanticism. The mainly chord based, also longest track on the Album, "Requiem For A Friend" deserves special recognition for his incredible authentic, dark and sinister "storytelling". The Album closes with three of the most commercial tunes, "Nihilum", "Dusk" and "Follow Your Bliss" and again show BW Recknagel unique style and handwriting with a talent to write strong themes (leitmotivs) without leaving the classical terrain.

    More surprisingly, BW Recknagel has never set a foot into a musical academy but his colorful background and musical London life and career are more than an interesting read:

    Raised by a musical family, he grew up with classical music and trained in classical piano and guitar for more than 14 years. Exploring and making music from all genres has always been his passion and the rather uninspired landscape of his German hometown Dortmund led to the move to London, a leap in the dark but it was about being in the right place at the right time - his own private Hacienda.

    He soon teamed up with 80's producer Zeus B Held (Transvision Vamp, Men Without Hats, John Foxx) and became his in-house studio engineer at VoiceVersa Studio, at the heart of London's music metropolis in Portobello Rd. For the years to come, the studio turned into one of the most vibrant places during the Brit Pop/Dance Mania era. His new collaboration with Cult Journalist Kris Needs made him remix more than 40 Top UK artists including Primal Scream, St.Etienne, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) Malcolm MacLaren, The Prodigy - to name but a few. His own instrumental chillout work under the name Headman/Full Moon Fashions was also spotted by Billy MacKenzie of critically acclaimed The Associates fame and he staged his comeback single Loom feat. Billy MacKenzie "Anacostia Bay At The Edge Of The World", sung over one of BW Recknagel's original Teutonic instrumental tracks.

    Still, the years 1992 to 2000 were anything but classical. BW's life was a nonstop mixture of dance culture hedonism - think chemically influenced creativity for the 90s, detox units, rehab and production work all in the mix. In a productive haze and with the energy of five, he founded Millennium Records Ltd., (a dance imprint still active now with distribution in 20 countries) so becoming a music mogul was a natural progression. His move back to his classical roots was more accidental. "I haven't touched or listened to classical music in 10 years and simply hearing a piece in a cab pushed a button and I haven't looked back since." He saw and experienced the seedy underbelly of London living for 17 years and like an avid voyeur, took in everything - these were times about being on the outside-being-in.

    In the latter 5 years composing was about bringing light to the darkness - pure and intense fun for him so he never envisaged going public with his private ecstasies. Pressure from friends made him focus in 2008 and the result is the mesmerizing 2009 debut of "Nhilium", a 10 track album of sheer emotional bliss and a second Album already in the making.

    BW RECKNAGEL "Nihilum" is available as download under:

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