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"Tardanenia" (6 pianopieces) and "Thursdaythu

Discussion in 'Composing' started by Anonymous, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Hallo, i would like to show you my 44 minutes cycle "Tardanenia" (6 pieces for piano) and my
    improvised piece "Thursdaythunderwaltz"

    The "Tardanenia Cycle" is played on my old Grand (Grotrian Steinweg) that later i had to sell
    and the "Thursdaythunderwaltz" is played on my Kawai CA-9 on dec-14-2006.

    The Tardanenia has the following sets:

    1. Lamento (14 minutes - slow rising music with cumulation and falling back)

    2. Regard 1 (7 minutes - the beginning in darkness)

    3. Isle 1 (6 minutes - some romantic feelings)

    4. Mesto
    5. Isle 2 (10 minutes - two pieces with the same musical material, the Mesto is like the ocean, Isle 2 is like a caravan in the desert)

    6. Regard 2 (7 minutes - back to the beginning but more aggressive)


    The "Thursdaythunderwaltz" is a two track improvisation. I played the first track and then simultanously the second mixed to the first so it´s a piece for 2 pianos, i hope you enjoy it.
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    Hello there. Where can I find the file?
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  4. r590

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    Jul 4, 2006
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    Interesting pieces...a bit too dissonant for my tastes. The long piece could do with a tempo increase...? I liked the 2 piano improv. Pretty cool bass drama going on.

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