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St. Annes for Organ

Discussion in 'Composing' started by pianoman342, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Though I have given up my keyboard, before I did, I recorded some sketches and put them into a piece. The piece got tweaked and I eventually thought I would create a second piece. I tried to create a relationship between the two pieces, so that they could be heard in a way that the listener would think they were cut from the same cloth. There is still some sustains that I think should be longer, and I think some places where I leave too much silence before starting a new phrase. A while ago my two friends on the forum Chris and Andreas played a long piece called Vysehrad. I was impressed both by the composition and their duet performance. I suppose if I had to label this piece as another piece, this would be my Vysehrad! :lol: Hopefully these two pieces can capture the nice tone of the organ, the St. Annes Moseley. Thanks for listening!

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