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Sonata in G Minor for Pianoforte and Clarinet

Discussion in 'Composing' started by mozpiano2, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. mozpiano2

    mozpiano2 New Member

    Jan 11, 2010
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    Hi all

    This is my second post on this forum (I posted something on the Improvisations page) so please don't bite my head off for doing something wrong ;) I am a 17 year old pianist from Brisbane, Australia.

    I wrote this Sonata for Clarinet and Piano in 2008 for a school music assignment, I got 25/25 out of it ;) Though being critical I don't think it is very coherent.

    A lot of talent is on this forum! I actually feel a little intimidated by it, but music should be shard and loved with all of us, whatever your level of skill is.

    Best Wishes To All,

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