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Schubert, Hungarian Melody D. 817

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by Didier, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Didier

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    Jul 1, 2007
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    Hi Andreas,

    thank you much me for re-ensuring me that my recording is rhythmically not that bad ! :D

    The two first thirds on the second beat of the bars 20 and 22 are E sharp + G sharp and G sharp + B.
    The two first thirds on the second beat of the bars 68 and 70 are A sharp + C sharp and C sharp + E.
    I agree that the higher notes of the second thirds (B and E) should be clearer (or better tuned ? My piano may have suffered from the hot and wet weather). I could have made these notes come out better if I would not have been focused on making Monica hear the lower ones because oh her initial comment. :wink:
    However I think that I played the right notes. :?:

    Could you precise what you call the thirty second runs ?
    (At t = 30 s, it is the beginning of a section pp at bar 19. There is no run here.)

  2. musicusblau

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    Hi Didier,

    That´s right, so it is in my score, too. But it sounds as you would play the third e sharp + g sharp two times. Yes, the higher note of the second third (g sharp + b) should be much more audible, because that´s the main melody.
    With the parallele place in bar 68 + 70 it´s exact the same problem.

    Yes, one hears that a little bit (if I compare with your older version), but it doesn´t matter. I think we all have to fight with that problems these summer days.

    For example in bar 18 (counted back from the end, sorry I have no bar numbers in my score). Thirty second run in german is Zweiunddreißigstel-Lauf.

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