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Rachmaninoff prelude in D major

Discussion in 'Works in Progress' started by hanysz, Nov 19, 2016.

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    Hello everyone, sorry for my long absence from this site! Sometimes real life gets in the way of quality internet time...

    I've started playing with MIDI technology to create animations of classical music. Here's my first attempt:

    The audio is a live recording, but then I created a MIDI file of the same piece as a basis for the graphics. I'm interested to hear people's impressions of both the music and the pictures. Thanks for any feedback you can offer!
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    Francois de
    Hello Alexander,
    Sorry for my so late reaction. The family has gone, and I have still some available time before coming back to the usual stuff... I enjoyed your video ! First the rendition deserves congratulations (beautiful expression and magnificent sound). Then the idea to look for another graphical transcription of the music (as compared to the usual scores) is very interesting. I think it should be most precious for people who cannot read music. As compared to a score, the colors helps in identifying the various voices and parallel plans. Perhaps something could be added, which is the duration of each sound. Then bands rather than discs could be used to model a note...
    BTW, it would be good to have you back at PS with submissions of beautifull recordings (as you did in the past) and reactions to proposals by others. This place is becoming rather desert, which is a shame, when we think about how many good pianists are living on this earth ! Only in China, I have heard there are nowadays 50 millions pianists...
    Happy new year with plenty of good music !

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