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'prima la musica' program (music competition)

Discussion in 'Repertoire' started by Anonymous, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This is my very first post in here, therefore I send a warm hello to all those dedicated to the piano just like me. I must say I'm happy to have found here.
    (Please excuse the errors I'm subject to making, I'm no native speaker. :oops: )

    It fits well that I found this forum right now, for I'm intending to participate in a piano competition here in Austria called 'prima la musica', where I'd have to be put into the 5th (and last) age group.
    I am aware that I'm not really going to be a great pianist, probably I'm not even able to compete. I'd like to try it anyway, however, and now require your help.

    My question is about what program I should present there.
    I'm supposed to play for between 14 and 18 minutes, and choose at least three original works from three different epochs, one from 'our time' (composed within the last 30 years).
    My teacher suggested
    the first, or by now rather the third movement from the Italian Concert by Bach,
    a Chopin Nocturne (she says they 'suit' me well),
    a modern piece by a Tirolean componist called Werner Pirchner ('Birthday Serenade').

    (Now, I'm basically more on the Romantic side, so I'd love to play La Campanella or a neat Chopin Scherzo, but may take too much time either in learning or presenting... boy, it's all just too long!)

    Now, please
    - suggest what Nocturne to choose (so which one's the most beautiful to your opinion?)
    - feel free to suggest an all different program if you have experience, for example in 'prima la musica' or similar competitions!

    Thankful for any answer! :)
    greetz, Misuro
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    Most beautiful nocturne in my opinion is Op. 27, no. 2.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yes i agree. Op 27 No 2 is the most beautiful nocturne, though it is also one of the most difficult technically of the series. Op. 27 no 1 is more passionate, with more variation in emotion, and is far, far easier (not that easy though!). I would be tempted to go for 27 no 1 as there is more room to express yourself for a competition (the octave cadenza is cool too :p). Op 9 no 1 is good too. One of those three id say would be the way to go.

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