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One of my traning methods on chopins op25/9 etude

Discussion in 'Technique' started by johnmar78, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. johnmar78

    johnmar78 New Member Piano Society Artist

    Aug 16, 2006
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    Hi guys, someone asked me about how I trained for this buttefly etude, and I thought just put it up here and have your say?

    Here is my 2 weeks story( 1/2 hour mon to Friday) on op25/9 only.

    Please add your valuable comment.


    Mon- 1) very slow, one note per sec slow but f playing without lifting fingers but kept legato X1 no tension on whrist, but only fingers(deliberate to build endurance)

    2) 3X same as 1 but accent on first note.

    3)2X accent on first two notes

    4) medium speed, LH onlyX2

    5) play slow as 1 but play each chord 3 times….build the final endurance.

    6) play op10/4 pp medium speed X2 and pp playing

    7) paly butterfly again full speed(90%). X2.

    8) no more, end of the practice.

    Night time, listen to the world class painist.playing ...see what they like.

    Total time around 30m-40m. MUST do all or at least 1) and 2) together before take a short break..

    By the end of week one, you should know the pieces(notes) fairly well and memorised.

    Week two, do the same but in reverse order or mixed. And do recording on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Friday is the first trial recordings. And listen to your play back and correct(if really bad) it and rerecord on Saturaday and Sunday. And its done.
  2. rachmaninoff

    rachmaninoff New Member Piano Society Artist

    Jun 14, 2006
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    nice john really good study method. I think I will work it out as you did when I have the time for a new piece after moszkovsky second etude from op72 I believe.

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