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On behalf of R. Smullyan - Piano Gathering i Boston

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by robert, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Below is a link to an MP4 video, compiled by Raymond Smullyan who kindly sent me this wonderful piano music to put up at Piano Society. The video is about 25 minutes and at about 300 MB. Might be good to know when you download it ;). Playing works best for me using QuickTime Player but that might differ on operating systems and computers.

    The video is from a Piano Gathering in Boston the 3:rd of May this year and contains classical piano music from three pianists who are members of Piano Society. Simon Tedeschi just became member and we welcome him of course, being a very talented piano player for sure! Read his biography at:

    The two other are Tania Stavreva and Raymond Smullyan himself.

    This is the program that they play (in order):

    Stavreva - Chopin - Op.35, Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, IV. Finale: Presto
    Smullyan - Bach - BWV 867, Prelude in B-flat minor
    Tedeschi - Bach - BWV.903, Fugue from the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
    Stavreva - Chopin - Op.25 no.12, Etude in C minor
    Stavreva - Ginastera - Op.53, Piano Sonata no.2, First movement
    Stavreva - Ginastera - Op.53, Piano Sonata no.2, Third movement
    Stavreva - Beethoven - Op.109, Piano Sonata in E major, I. Vivace, ma non troppo

    Here is the link to the video:
    Piano Gathering in Boston

    The video is linked on the site from all three biographies and at all Composer locations (Composers -> Genres) where a piece exist from the program.

    Tedeschi is also added as a new pianist on the main page.

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    Very nice. I wonder why Smullyan only played one piece.

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