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New Age Hanon!

Discussion in 'Technique' started by Behdad, Dec 16, 2019.

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    Dec 16, 2019
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    Hi everyone! I'm Behdad Bahrami, a composer and pianist and I've written an etude named: New age hanon. You can watch a youtube clip of it from the link below:

    This etude contains 15 short exercises in the style of Hanon, but also in a more musical way. This can be suitable for pianists and other instrument players (with some consideration in double notes) as well. I produced three versions of the Etude. Every version becomes harder due to the left hand part. The first one (that is used for this video) has simple left hand arpeggios. These arpeggios becomes more advanced (by consisting of sixteen notes) in the second one. The third version is written unison for both hands. If you wanted to practice, you can combine these versions yourself.
    All these versions are free to download (for now) plus backing tracks in seven different tempos.
    Notice that if you are not a pianist and have difficulties in playing double notes, you can play the higher notes in these cases.
    Backing Tracks:

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