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Need Advice, Brand New To Piano, Desire To Be Great

Discussion in 'The Piano' started by Mulsiphix, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Apr 8, 2017
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    Hello everyone! My name is Marques and I am 35 years old. I have long loved music and always wanted to play an instrument. After much research and deliberation, I feel the piano is above and beyond, the best fit for me personally. Moonlight Sonata has always been my favorite classical piece. I'm particularly interested in composing emotional pieces.

    I realize I am an adult and I've read extensively on what is required of a person to play high level pieces like Moonlight Sonata. This does not scare me away. Nor does dedicating a large portion of my everyday life to practicing and playing. No, I've made up my mind and I'm dedicated to reaching this lofty goal. In my mind, I am beginning the portion of my life where my creativity and love of music take over and begin to heal a lifetime a pain.

    All that said, I purchased a subscription at this site in hopes of finding people who know a thing a two about piano playing. I'm hoping you fine folks can answer some of my neophyte questions :p.
    1. Do adult players face a bigger challenge then those who learn as children? I understand such individuals will have more experience, but will my learning be harder for any reason? Assuming I am fully dedicated and put in the time, of course ;).
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    2. I've read extensively about digital pianos versus acoustics (tall uprights and grands). As my primary goal is to learn the piano and work on my technique, I'm worried starting on a DP or Upright might teach me improper technique. That is, I've read about folks who learned there and had trouble transitioning to a real piano or that an Upright's limitations can mess up you timing. As a beginning who has no interest in piano beyond playing classical literature with a high level of skill, where is an acceptable place to start, in regards to instrument if money to start is relatively low; say $1,000-ish with an option to into a little debt, if necessary?
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    3. I've read that many digital pianos go to extreme length to try and mimic a grands action. If money is an issue in the beginning, is a digital piano a better place to start than an Upright? To be honest, the resonating quality of a real piano allows me to feel the music. I worry a digital piano, even if connected to a high quality amp to improve audio sound, will be nothing like a real piano. But I have to start somewhere :).
    Any help, feedback, suggestions, or other useful guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! ;D

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