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Thank you to those who donated to Piano Society in 2016.
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It's that time again....

Discussion in 'Submission Room' started by pianolady, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I'm posting this notice in a couple places on the forum because I know a lot of you forum members and visitors don't go over to the main site all the time. Therefore, you may not know that we are running our annual donations drive, which pays for the site's server and bandwidth usage. Although we do not have a donations banner or table on the forum, there is one on the main/home page and currently it shows that we need about another $2,000 to reach our goal of $5,000. Please help us reach that goal by giving whatever amount you can - it all adds up! All you have to do is click here and you'll go to the home page where you will find the orange donations tab in the upper left-hand corner. Piano Society is home to a huge amount of classical piano music offered to the world for free, but we need help keeping it operating, so please donate today. Thank you!! :)

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