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Isak Berkovich: Variations on a Paganini Theme

Discussion in 'Repertoire' started by Anonymous, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Desperately looking for the original score of this piece, I ran into a thread on The Classical Piano Forum that mentions it. I have a photocopy of a photocopy from decades ago, made from the original my Russian teacher had. Now, one of my students is not allowed into a competition because we can't provide an original score - yet many played from photocopies in other competitions!

    So, I searched everywhere, including contacting music stores and publishers in Russia, teachers of students who performed it that I found to date ... nobody has an original any more. Let's just say I looked all over the world, and the search produced nothing.

    Now, JovanDi, who posted a message about this piece, appears that he, or someone he knows has the original. However, that was THE only post he made on the forum, and it was in 2007. This leads me to believe that he's not reading the forum any more, at least not that thread.

    So, I am appealing to everyone on this forum that might have the original, or knows someone who has it - could I PLEASE borrow it next month? I'll pay for FedEx or UPS delivery both ways if I could borrow the original for a week. The competition is exactly in a month, but I need to know ASAP if I can get the score from anyone. Please respond either way. Thanks!

    Musically yours,
    Jelena Vladikovic, B. Mus., M.Mus.
    Founding Teacher, National Music Certificate Program
    DMA Candidate/TA ASU Piano Prep/Conservatory Program
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