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Improving Piano Technique and Skills Tips?

Discussion in 'Technique' started by KuldeepM, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. KuldeepM

    KuldeepM New Member Trusted Member

    Nov 5, 2018
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    Hello everyone,,,
    I am currently working on my technique a lot, and I will give you some general advices:

    • Master the art of practising: When you practice you can develop bad habits, like mindlessly playing, useless repetition,etc. I would recommend you to research further on. Look at this thread for an example of what I suggest.

    • Don't believe in technique books: I'm currently playing Hannon's exercises, and before I did I heard many opinions saying that Hannon actually lead to many bad habits, and having worked with it for the last 6 months I can tell you that they will make you develop bad habits and risk injury, now you may wonder why have I been working with them, well...

    • Get a good teacher: Like I said, Hannon's exercises are not good for building technique, when used alone, because it is not a technique book, it is an exercise book, it merely gives you the exercises you should be doing but does a poor job at telling you how to play them. My teacher told me many things which have greatly helped my technique that I did not find anywhere in Hannon's book, yet if I hadn't known such advices I could have risked injury or bad habits.
    This is merely my experience with my last 6 months trying to improve my technique, I'm far from a virtuoso but I hope they may help you in some way. If you wish to try Hannon I could give you the advices on the technique that my teacher gave me, but I would still recommend getting a teacher, for it is very hard to be both the student and the teacher. Another tip would be to film your hands playing to see which mistakes you make in your technique....
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  2. Jessica Smith

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    Mar 27, 2019
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    I love the piano and always looking for tips and tricks which makes my piano learning easy. I am a beginner and started learning the piano a couple of weeks back. I am following piano lessons this piano program was recommended to me by my friend. Currently, I am on book 2 and slowly progressing. Sometimes I feel it is very difficult for me to learn the piano because it gets very hard sometimes and I lose focus. I don't know how to focus more on it especially at my age when I am not young enough to easily learn new things. With time and practice, hopefully, I will get better and be able to play songs on the piano.

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