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I had a piano shopping "experience"

Discussion in 'The Piano' started by jcabraham, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Apr 4, 2010
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    I was vacationing in NYC this weekend, and it turns out we were staying a block from Beethoven Pianos, so I had to visit I'm a relative beginner on the piano, and I'm currently playing a Yamaha digital, but I have played a fair number of fine pianos in dealerships over the years: Forster, Bechstein, Steinway, Petrof, etc.

    Anyway, I was wandering around, and I just sat down at random at a Grotrian upright and was very impressed. The sound was excellent: the treble was melodious but not bright, the bass full and yet punchy. But the action was astounding. It was very smooth yet very accurate. It seemed like a very light action, but very precise at the same time. The sustain was great. All in all, it was all I could do to not go get a loan to buy one that day.

    Question: how much of that fantastic touch is the technician, and how much of it is the action itself? Can I depend on all Grotrians to have about the same touch?

    Finally, I want to say that my experience was eerily similar to that documented in "Grand Obsession" by Perry Knize(sp?). She stumbled on a Grotrian grand at Beethoven's, and fell in love with it. I've looked up retail prices for Grotrian on the web, and they seem pretty reasonable given the evident quality (the one I played listed for $16k).

    It's lucky for my bank account that I don't have a place to put a piano yet.


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