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Digital Recording & Pianoteq

Discussion in 'The Piano' started by Paul, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Apr 18, 2007
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    Hi All. I joined this group yesterday and have 101 things to ask or talk about with like-minded people. I came here by accident having been shown a copy of Robert’s sheet music for the posthumous Chopin works. I'm really impressed with what goes on here and the piano playing is of an amazing standard.

    I'll kick off with this: I play a Schimmel acoustic fitted with a Pianodisc Silent midi interface. A top notch digital piano sound, especially for recording purposes, is I guess the Holy Grail for many pianists and I have had limited success to date. The synth that comes with the Pianodisc is very poor and I am using a Roland XV2020 synth along with the various plug-in modules available. For up to 16-track multi-instrumental purposes this is top notch equipment but sadly for solo piano work the ultimate authentic piano sound is just not there. To be fair, some of the Roland sounds are good but I find that acceptable results through headphones can resemble a blacksmith’s yard when played through quality speakers either directly or from a resulting CD.

    However…the first thing I noticed on these pages is the advert top left for Pianoteq, the so-called 4th generation virtual piano factory, which is new to me. I have today downloaded the trial version to my laptop (which has an Echo Indigo PCMCIA soundcard), had a quick test play and even hooked it up to my sound system. First impressions are pretty good, well at least they seem to avoid the annoyances described above, but there are a great many adjustable parameters which should hopefully improve things further. I need to play with this much more before deciding if 249 Euros is worth spending for the full version.

    It would be good to hear from anybody who has been down this road already or indeed about any of the above. Thanks, Paul

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